Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tide opens a dry cleaners store in Charlotte

Tide, the Procter & Gamble detergent brand, has opened a dry cleaning store in Charlotte.

The store is Tide's first in North Carolina, and 20th location nationwide. Local franchisees and brothers Henry and David Atkins own and operate the store. The store is in The Arbors shopping center off West Mallard Creek Church Road, in northeast Charlotte.

Here's what the store is about, P&G says in a fact sheet:

Tide Dry Cleaners® is an innovative extension to one of our core brands, building on Tide’s 65-year history in fabric care. These free-standing, Tide-branded professional dry cleaning stores target the majority of consumers who are unsatisfied with their dry cleaning experience. The concept was proven successful in a two-year test of stores in the Kansas City area. Tide Dry Cleaners is currently being expanded across the United States through individual entrepreneurs and franchisees.

The store also has 24-hour drop off and pickup options for customers who can't come during business hours, drive-thru service and "dry cleaning that carries the scent of Tide."

New customers will get 50 percent off their first order, the company said.


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