Monday, February 10, 2014

Bloomingdale's headed to SouthPark?

The latest SouthPark rumor in circulation is that Bloomingdale's is planning to open a store in the mall, replacing the Macy's store there.

Macy's owns Bloomingdale's, so that arrangement would make sense if Macy's wanted to move more upscale in its SouthPark store. I've been hearing this rumor for a few weeks from various people, and local blog Charlotte Restaurant Traffic is now reporting the possibility:

"South Park Mall is about to add Bloomingdale’s to its tenant mix. Sources tell Restaurant Traffic that the New York based department store has been looking to open the first Bloomingdale’s in the Carolina’s for years and the South Park Mall made the most sense. Macy’s is the parent company of Bloomingdale’s so speculation is whether they take over Macy’s, which is a mid-range department store, or another South Park location."

"As general corporate policy, we do not comment on leasing speculation," said mall management, in an emailed statement.

So, is it for real? There don't appear to be any building permits related to it at this point. Charlotte Restaurant Traffic predicted an H&M at SouthPark, and while it was a long time before that prediction came to fruition, it was correct. I'll file this one under the "wait and see" category, unless someone has more concrete information (email me!).


Unknown said...

This blog also reported Chuy's was going to the Southpark Mall before anyone else.

Garth Vader said...

It would be interesting to see what lines a CLT Bloomies would carry. The flagship (59th & Lex) is overwhelming.

A massive upgrade from Macy's, which at SP is made fairly redundant by the Belk/Dillards duo.