Monday, February 3, 2014

Armani coming to SouthPark

Armani plans to open a store in SouthPark mall this year, in the space formerly occupied by the Ralph Lauren store.

There's no exact date for the store opening yet, but a spokeswoman for SouthPark confirmed the project (And thanks for the tips, alert readers!).

The Ralph Lauren store closed in May last year. The new store at SouthPark will be an Armani Collezioni store. Building permits haven't been pulled yet, but the project is still viewable on the county's website here.

Armani Collezioni will join a new lineup of stores at SouthPark that includes apparel retailer H&M and kid favorite American Girl.


bjcapel said...

Well we're movin on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky!

Garth Vader said...

Ely you should mention that "Collezioni" is a diffusion brand (i.e. a lower-price, lower quality label) rather than Armani mainline (where the label actually says "Giorgio Armani").

Specifically as it pertains to men's suits, Collezioni is fused, meaning the jacket fabric is glued to the lining. This makes for a stiffer look and can lead to shine and puckering once the suit has been dry cleaned.

A canvassed jacket is preferred; the lining is stitched to the fabric and "floats". This permits better drape and prevents puckering & shine. At the A.Collezioni pricepoint, one can find a canvassed suit by Corneliani (Paul Simon), Hickey Freeman (Paul Simon or Nordstrom Rack), Canali, and Samuelsohn (Fairclough or Taylor Richards & Conger). At higher pricepoints are Zegna (TRC or Neiman Marcus), Isaia, and Oxxford (Fairclough or TRC).

P.S.: Armani is only a designer. Their fabrics are from other makers (the mainline suits use Zegna) and the manufacturing is done by Conf. di Matelica SpA (Collezioni) or Vestimenta (Giorgio Armani mainline a/k/a Black Label).

Ely Portillo said...

Thanks for the detail, Garth. I'm not generally an Armani-shopping dude, so I don't know quite as much about it. My jackets are, sadly, probably mostly fused.

onlinesurvey said...

Look at the bottom of your receipt from your last purchase.