Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More changes, closings at SouthPark

Not to harp on SouthPark mall this week, but there are a lot of changes afoot at the region's largest shopping mall tied to the impending arrival of apparel retailer H&M and American Girl and the reshuffling of other stores.

The changes are most evident in the Macy's wing, where both the new stores will be.

I snapped a couple of pictures this weekend while doing my ultra-stylish shopping (men's hats 75 percent off at Belk!) that show some of the changes.

Delia's is closing, with a 60 percent off sale to move merchandise. Hallmark is gone. Copacetic, a clothing boutique, is having a moving sale, and several other nearby stores are offering steep discounts as well.

All of that is in addition to the new Armani Collezioni store going into SouthPark's former Ralph Lauren space, and the pending relocation of Sur La Table.


par said...

How much further will South Park Shops be effective with the outlet shops on 485 opening soon. Regardless, many of the South Park shops are grossly over-prioed.

Garth Vader said...


Most outlet shops sell merchandise that is manufactured as direct-to-outlet. In other words you won't find any $5000 made-in-Italy Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits for $399. You'll find low-quality made-in-China "Lauren" suits for $399.

Anonymous said...

Garth Vader is correct. We go to Southpark to find genuine articles. The Tanger Outlet will have little effect on the average Southpark clientelle.

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