Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two new stores on Selwyn Avenue

Two new stores have joined the retail lineup at Colony Shops on Selwyn: a men's sporting clothing store and a skincare and cosmetics store.

The Sporting Gent sells clothes for outdoor sports such as shooting and fishing, as well as casual clothing for men. Brands include Southern Marsh, Drake Waterfowl, Southern Proper, Rodd & Gunn, Hardy Fly Fishing and Sebago Footwear. Here's a description of their philosophy from the store's website:

"From going afield or attending a society affair, the true sporting gent remembers the men of years past and the customs passed down from generation to generation. And he chooses to carry on those traditions in the goods he chooses to sport into the field, wade the river with, or wear to the dinner table. Quality, craftsmanship and years of loyalty are the defining influencers.
The sporting culture parallels the Southern culture, as it continuously reflects on its past...
We aim to outfit the true sporting gent in every man. Through a selection of products which highlight the key aspects of two very distinctive cultures, we will continue the tradition."
Woo Skincare and Cosmetics is also now open at the shopping center. The makeup and skincare store has a grand opening planned for Oct. 23 that will benefit Freedom School Partners.
The company is partnering with a local business to provide spa services. Woo is also hoping to take advantage of Charlotte's growing film and television scene. Here's Woo's description from their website: "Your local go-to place for your favorite makeup and skincare lines, with the best personal service."

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