Thursday, October 17, 2013

Uptown's Rainbow Cafe is no more

After a quarter of a century uptown, the Rainbow Café has packed it in, as the owners move to focus on their catering business.

The restaurant has already been emptied out (hat tip to my colleague Steve Harrison for the heads-up and a picture).

"Thank you for 25 years of success! It's been a good run," the owners wrote in a note on the door. "We will be moving to expand and devote all of our time and resources to the Uptown Catering Company."
No word yet on what might replace Rainbow Café, which looks to be in a prime location across from the new Romare Bearden Park.

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Beijing 2010 - Ni hao! said...

That place was a dump. Many times I heard that the cooked would drop food on the floor and put it back on the bread. Their catering delivery woman is always smoking while handling the trades of catered food. Nasty all the way.

James Edgar said...

The quality of the food had diminished a lot in the last few years. I think at the end, the only people eating there were people who work in 400 South Tryon and didn't want to walk far.

So how do we start a movement to convince Pizzaria Uno to come back to Charlotte and use this space?