Thursday, November 17, 2011

Concord Mills to open at midnight on Black Friday

Concord Mills, the mega-mall on I-85, will open at midnight on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving, the mall said this week.

Many of the stores will be offering steep discounts, such as 50 percent off everything at the Banana Republic Factory Store, 20 percent of at the Nike Factory Store, and up to 70 percent off select items at the Gap.

Though there's been some anecdotal backlash among consumers and workers (such as this petition by a worker asking Target not to open at midnight), it hasn't deterred retailers from pushing hours earlier than ever this Black Friday.

Major retailers, including Target, Kohl's, Macy's and Best Buy are opening at midnight on Black Friday, Wal-Mart is starting deals at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving and Toys 'R' Us is opening at 9 p.m.

 "We are very focused on giving shoppers exactly what they want, which we see as the ‘more factor’ approach to shopping," said Holly Roberson, Concord Mills' director of marketing. And that includes more time to shop on Black Friday.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I dont work retail anymore. Retail employees deserve to have a life too. Please tell me Holly and the rest of you upper mgmt people who make these stupid decisions are you planning on being at your job at midnight that morning as well????? If not then please tell me how you can make this call when you yourself wont have to live by it as well

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:30 - while I agree with your sentiments regarding retail employees deserving time on Thanksgiving to spend with family; I think the blame for this mess lies squarely with the consumers. Concord Mills knows that there will be hundreds of people waiting outside at midnight whhen the doors open.

Until shoppers refuse to participate in this madness, this trend will just keep getting worse. Expect retailers to start opening at 5pm or 6pm on Thanksgiving Day in the near future so consumers can race out to shop RIGHT after dinner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 1:30. Retail workers deserve to spend time with family and enjoy the time off without having to spend a good part of their Thanksgiving have to catch some sleep in order to be at work that night. The madness has to stop! While I agree that consumers are to blame, like what Anonymous 1:45 said, I also believe the retailers share the blame for allowing it to happen. I highly doubt the CEOs of these companies are going to bend over backwards and cut their Thanksgiving Day short.

Anonymous said...

Do these silly retailers actually believe that their total Christmas sales will change by opening at midnight?
All this does is deprive their employees the right to spend one lousy day with their families. SICK!

Anonymous said...

What's really SICK is the fools that actually go to this crap. Spend some quality time with your family.

Anonymous said...

Mall management is there and very visible. I'm sure they don't like having their holiday cut short either.

Anonymous said...

"'We are very focused on giving shoppers exactly what they want, which we see as the ‘more factor’ approach to shopping,' said Holly Roberson, Concord Mills' director of marketing."

Of course they are, and never mind what it does to employees' holiday family time. But I guess if those employees want to keep their jobs, they have to toe the company line, right?

And yes, the "more factor". More more more more more. Mega-mall merchandising and crass consumerism at its best, if "best" is a word you could apply to this.

"Though there's been some anecdotal backlash among consumers and hasn't deterred retailers from pushing hours earlier than ever this Black Friday."

Is there anything short of a nuclear war that would deter merchants from squeezing every last cent out of Christmas? Obviously not.

Some of these merchants make Ebenezer Scrooge look like the greatest philanthropist who ever lived.

Wouldn't it be funny if no one showed up?

Anonymous said...

Hsve you been to Concord Mills lately? EVERDAY is Black Friday....LOL

Anonymous said...

I remember when the malls were CLOSED every Sunday (1970's) ...

Anonymous said...

Oh you and you know Holly will be right out with the masses...working...

Anonymous said...

Retail folk won't be the only ones spending a little less time away from their families. There will be folks attached to CBS, Fox, and NFL Network, as well as three road teams, who will be spending Thanksgiving away from family so that many of us can have a little turkey with our football.

Anonymous said...

Black Friday deals are not that great and definitely not worth going out at ridiculous hours to shop with masses of crazy people. I prefer Cyber Monday. Still get some discounts without having to leave home.

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