Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Buy also to open at midnight on Black Friday

Add a fourth retail to the list of those falling before Black Friday Creep: Best Buy will join Target, Macy's and Kohl's in opening to shoppers the minute Thanksgiving ends, at midnight on Friday.

This year will be the first time any of these stores open that early. Last year, they mostly opened at around 4 a.m. - still very early, with thousands of shoppers lining up in the pre-dawn hours, but not midnight.

"Must-have holiday gifts will be available even earlier when Best Buy opens its doors at 12 midnight," the electronics retailer said in a press release Friday.

"At Best Buy, we're focused on creating an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers," said Barry Judge, Best Buy's chief marketing officer, in the same statement. "This commitment will come to life throughout the holiday season in a variety of offers and initiatives that give customers great values and the most convenient ways to shop for everyone on their list."

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn sounded somewhat less enthusiastic about the earlier hours, according to this story in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. He said Best Buy was pushed into opening early by rival retailers who had already announced plans to do so.

"I feel terrible because it impacts, it'll change some Thanksgiving plans for some of our employees," Dunn said. "I know that the decision has been a bit controversial with some of our folks, but the truth of the matter is, the customers will be out there, lined up, for that midnight opening."


Anonymous said...

I won't be....

Anonymous said...

"Must-have holiday gifts will be available even earlier..."

Oh, like they won't be available up until December 24th.

Wouldn't it be a laugh if no one showed up at any of these midnight openings?

Anonymous said...

Ummm...haven't most of these stores been doing midnight black friday openings for several years now?

I went to a few of these a couple years ago just for the novelty thinking there wouldnt be many there but they were PACKED with shoppers tot he point you couldn't navigate the store.

Anonymous said...

If you shop at Best (Worst) Buy, you and idiot. Go to Newegg, Amazon or any other on-line store. The treat you better and you save big $$$

Anonymous said...

I'm Black. This upsets me. Black Friday. Why not call it White Friday.