Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Black Friday ads being posted online

Retailers are starting to unveil specific ads for Black Friday, many of them on websites advertising so-called "leaked deals."

As in years past, the ads are popping up on sites like BlackFriday.info, GottaDeal and BFads.net. One of the most recently posted ones is a 72-page doozy from JCPenney, detailing discounts on everything from apparel to bedding, and the retailer's traditional snow globe giveaway.

Although some of these ads may in years past have actually been leaked prematurely, now it seems increasingly unlikely. As Consumerist puts it, "I'm not calling this ad a "leak" because I think by this point we all realize that pre-feeding the ads to online sources has now got to be part of retailers' marketing strategy."


Anonymous said...

Why go online for deals when you can just buy 2 Sunday news papers and save way more money. Who has the time to read all those online store inserts.

Anonymous said...

How is buying news papers saving money? Online version is free with your internet access. You don't have to read all of them, just the ones you want.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what she said and... Turkey day paper only gives you 1 day to look at the ads. With the online ones, you can start to look at them NOW!!! you have days and days to look at them. Time?!?!?!