Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blue Chameleon consignment opens in Matthews

Downtown Matthews has a new consignment store, as Karen Geisler and her husband Tom have opened The Blue Chameleon at John and Trade streets.

Geisler, a former textile design graphic artist, named the store for the exotic lizards she used to keep and breed. "They're very fragile creatures," she said. "I thought, I have to name a store after them. They're so beautiful."

And, like a chameleon's skin, Geisler said her merchandise is constantly shifting. The store, which opened four weeks ago, carries a mix of furniture, Victorian antiques, handmade and vintage jewelry, dishware, rugs, chandeliers and other goods. Three local artists have also consigned works to the store to sell, Geisler said.

Blue Chameleon is currently being run by Geisler, who lives in Wesley Chapel, and one of her friends. The store was years in the making, Geisler said.

"I've been wanting to do this for years. I just haven't been brave enough," she said. "I thought with the economy how it was, and people not buying new furnishings, we might get a pretty good start."

Geisler spent about five years planning for the store. Finding the 6,000-square-foot former rug shop in Matthews that would become her shop took about a year, Geisler said, and spent weeks painting and preparing the store after that.

"I had never started a business before, and didn't realize how much there is to do," Geisler said. "We spent many a night painting."