Monday, October 29, 2012

Winestore opening third location near Lake Norman

Charlotte-based Winestore is opening its third shop this week, in Cornelius. The store plans to open its doors Thursday, Nov. 1.

The company opened its first retail location in 2006, with its SouthPark store. In 2009, Winestore expanded, opening a second location in the Blakeney shopping center, on Rea Road.

The new store is at the corner of Jetton Road and West Catawba Avenue. "We are very excited to be entering this new market and believe we have the most unique wine retail concept in the Southeast," said Matt Snyder, the company's vice president, via email.

Here's a bit about the thought process behind the store, which positions itself as an easy, non-intimidating place to buy wine: "Usually, it takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to wade through the choices – and one is always fearful of making the wrong one. We wanted to eliminate that fear and extend the favorable experience on the retail side. We have built our brand value on providing a positive experience for our customers above all else. Winestore is the result of that concept – a contemporary solution to the wine purchasing experience."

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How does this venue compare to Total Wine???

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It's a smaller venue and more personal. You can purchase a tasting card and load it with say $10. This allows you to taste a variety of wines loaded in vacuum sealed European style tasting machines (can't remember the correct name). There's always a great selection of wines on tap so you can try before you buy. It also helps you hone in on how your personal tastes run so you'll eventually buy what you like. I've gotten a chance to taste wines that I probably would not be able to afford to buy--or would save for a special occasion. The prices are right in line with Total wine. So, in my opinion you get more for your money. The selection is no where near as large as Total wine, so I still shop at both. However, the wines are hand selected and I have found some gems there that I would never have even been able to locate in Total.