Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New ice cream company targeting Charlotte

Sloan's, an ice cream store/toy shop/candy wonderland hybrid based in South Florida, is looking for franchisees to open a Charlotte location.

The company, which currently has four south Florida locations, hopes to open 200 stores in the coming years. They're focusing on the Carolinas, Florida, California, Georgia, New York and New England to start.

Sloan's in Florida

Sloan's hopes to have its first franchised locations up and running by early 2013.

Here's some information about the company, which was founded by chef Sloan Kamenstein 14 years ago: "Sloan himself has designed the complete menu of creative ice cream, candy and sweet treats. These include dozens of innovative flavors such as Tracy’s Scrumptious Pretzel (caramel ice cream with milk chocolate covered salty pretzels and peanut butter swirls), Cookie Monster (made with homemade chocolate chip cookies) and Mom’s Apple Pie (apple pie ice cream with pieces of homemade apple pie). Plus, a collection of homemade cookies, brownies, shakes, smoothies, ice cream sodas, sundaes and all varieties of candies fill out the awe-inspiring options for Sloan’s guests."

If you're interested in bringing some Sloan's franchises to Charlotte, check out some more information here. And let us know how the ice cream tastes.
Sloan's Interior


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love the brightly colored building and interior, and there can never be enough ice cream! This would surely be better than another outlet mall.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anyone that is better passing along press releases than good ole Ely.

Ely Portillo said...

I can't either, most days.

Clint Shaff said...

Aside from its best-seller ice cream, Sloan's is also popular because of its adorable design structures. I've been to one of its store several times already, and I can say that the place is really inviting inside and out. Who could resist a enchanting store like that? The kids and kids-at-heart will find themselves at this store. You won't be surprised if it will be one of the most popular ice cream store in Charlotte two to five years from now.

Joseph Carr said...

My mom used to bring us to Sloan's. My sister enjoyed the place, while I enjoyed my ice cream. Hehe! I used to dream of franchising this store, but I didn't get the chance to do so. However, I saw a great opportunity in frozen yogurt and I have to say, it was indeed, a smart choice! :)