Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ikea to sell only LED lighting

If you're looking for a fluorescent or a halogen light bulb at Ikea in 2016, you'll be out of luck.

"Supporting the LED light revolution, IKEA will be converting its full lighting range to LED by 2016, meaning IKEA will sell only LED bulbs and LED lamps," said the Swedish build-it-yourself retailer, earlier this week. The company phased out plastic bags in 2007 and incandescent bulbs in 2010.

Although LED light fixtures use less energy and last far longer than other light bulbs - nearly 20 years - they're also more expensive. An LED floor lamp, for example, is listed for $99.99 on Ikea's website. A similar, non-LED floor lamp can be had for $19.99.

Ikea said it's committed to reducing the cost of LED lights, and that their lower electricity use saves money too. "IKEA will be selling the LED bulbs at the lowest price on the market, thus making it affordable for the many people," said the company, in a statement. "The total annual cost saving (including purchase price and energy consumption cost) of switching one incandescent 40W bulb to a corresponding LED bulb, is approximately $6.25 (5.3 Euro) on average."

The retailer will also be replacing more than one million light fixtures in its own stores with LEDs. Ikea said replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs saves 50 to 90 percent of energy costs.

What do you think of LED lighting? Have you tried it (I have not. I confess I'm a compact fluorescent light man myself). Here's a summary of a Consumer Reports analysis of LED bulbs: "The best LEDs were as bright as the incandescents they replaced, yet only half were as bright as promised. Consumer Reports found that all LEDs reached full brightness instantly, even at frigid temperatures, providing warm white light that was unaffected by frequently turning them on and off. Energy use matched or exceeded claims."

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Anonymous said...

LED's are the way to go. There're great outdoor lights too since you can submerge them in water.

Maybe IKEA can chalk this up to their "R & D" status and continue their non-profit strategy. I just can't believe how they get away with this classification, and have been doing so for decades. Check out "Ikea+charity", or "Ikea+non profit+dutch". (They're also registered as a Dutch company in order to facilitate the R & D part.) ~alannc44

Anonymous said...

I have some LED lighting I bought from IKEA last year. I like the light output from LEDs. IKEA's lamps and lighting fixtures look good, but they're often lacking in build quality. And some of the mounting hardware doesn't match up to American specs.

JosephSparks said...

Their lights are really of good quality and many people are liking them too..

Anonymous said...

I'm all for LED lighting but the price needs to come down. a CFL is around 1/4 of the price or less and some last 10 years. For some light fixtures, I'll pay so that I never have to change them again (like outdoor flood lights on the second story of the house) but for most lights, the CFLs are good enough. Hopefully the price of LEDs will come down.

Edith Canon said...

I also go for LED lighting. Its quality is excellent although I must agree that they should lower the cost of each piece. Although you can get rebates and save in the long run.

led lighting solutions said...

There are two schools of thoughts attached to this decision that this brand should sell only LED light or not. Anyways! impressive post.