Friday, October 19, 2012

Heist Brewery grand opening in NoDa

Another local brewery has joined the Charlotte beer scene, and Heist Brewery is holding its official grand opening Friday night in NoDa.

Heist brewer at work
Here's an earlier story by one of my colleagues with some background about the pub's development and owner Kurt Hogan.

Friday's grand opening kicks off at 6 p.m., with live music from The Josh Carter Band and The Dread Nots. The company is giving away $1,700 worth of prizes, including merchandise, gift certificates, and growlers.

The brewpub is offering "twisted American food" along with its lineup of beers. The menu lists items such as Lobster Bisque Test Tubes, Duck Quesadillas, and a Jerk Chicken sandwich. Heist also sells fresh bread at its building, a 6,700-square-foot renovated former mill.

On the beer side, Heist has wide range of beers on tap, including an IPA, an Oatmeal Stout, and an American-style Red Ale. "Using a Johann Albrecht German brewhouse we are going to utilize old world techniques of brewing and infuse them with "Heist" attitude! We believe there are no limits in brewing delicious ales and lagers, but we are going to try and find them," the company says of its brewing process.

The decor is mostly, as you might expect, heist-themed. Wanted posters for classic gangsters such as John Dillinger hang on the walls, and a chandelier made of old copper pipes riddled with bullet holes lights the room when you first walk in.

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Anonymous said...

We went there a few weeks ago during their soft opening. The food was very tasty and well presented, though the tapas portions left me wanting more. The beers were inconsistent. My oatmeal stout, and several of my dining partners beers tasted diluted, as though someone poured water into the beers upon serving. The IPA was really good, though.

Good luck to them, I hope they fix their beer problems and become a NoDa fixture for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Sweet another micro-brewery in Charlotte. It took so many years for the industry to really take hold here. Saa Dilworth Brewerey and Johnson's Brewery come and go. And finally the industry is taking hold. Love it! welcome to Charlotte Heist.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the food is amazing but the beer is average.

Anonymous said...

Great news for craft beer enthusiasts. Charlotte has quickly garnered a foothold in the craft beer scene. NoDa Brewing, Birdsong, OMB and Triple C have been great additions as well.

Garth Vader said...

Which NoDa brewery has the best Hefeweizen and best Maibock/Urbock?

Anonymous said...

I went there for lunch and cant wait to go back! The meal was great! Great artisan breads to choose from and the sandwich I ordered turned out to be more a gourmet sandwich instead of the normal pub sandwich on a bun routine. Thank you! Its casual and eclectic menu done with a gourmet twist. You gotta try it!

Anonymous said...

The food and atmosphere were great, as were the cocktails. The beer tasted (as noted in a previous comment) like they were all half water. Fix the beer and you'll have a home run here..

Anonymous said...

Beer is terrible. Food is VERY good, minus the Lobster Bisque test tubes.....they taste like shots of fish, NASTY.