Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter spending to hit $16.8 billion

The National Retail Federation is forecasting that Americans will spend nearly $17 billion this Easter holiday, led by sales of spring apparel, food and - what else? - candy.

The result of the NRF's survey is welcome news for retailers, as it's predicting a rise of about $2 billion from last year's Easter spending.

Average consumer spending is predicted to be $145.28, the first year above pre-recession levels. Clothing and accessory spending is forecast to total $3 billion, candy spending is forecast to be $2 billion, and spending on food for Easter meals is forecast to be a whopping $5.1 billion.

There are more details in the NRF report linked to above, but the basic takeaway seems to be this: High gas prices aren't holding back consumers, who are ready to spend more as the economy slowly improves.


Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny sure has gotten expensive.

Garth Vader said...

Glad to see the Observer capture the true meaning of Easter: Marshmallow Peeps.

Zero mention of *esus I see (I partially blacked the name out so you don't have to).