Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walmart hiring 190 for new supermarkets

Walmart is hiring 190 local workers for two more planned Neighborhood Markets in Kings Mountain and Gastonia, as the mega-retailer continues pushing into the grocery market.

Exact opening dates haven't been set, but the company is planning to open both stores in the winter. Workers hired by Walmart will start working in October to prep the stores for their grand openings. Temporary hiring centers have been set up at 546 E. Garrison Blvd. in Gastonia and 502 W. Kings St in Kings Mountain.
Walmart has been opening more Neighborhood Markets, which are much smaller than a SuperCenter and about the size of a traditional supermarket, to compete more directly with grocers.

In Charlotte, the company has one Neighborhood Market and is planning to open more in Charlotte, Pineville, Concord, Rock Hill and other nearby locations, adding a potentially major new competitor to the region's low-cost grocery market.


James Edgar said...

I live very close to the Neighborhood Market on Independence and have started shopping there regularly since Lettuce Carry went out of business. Since it's a new store, it's nice and clean, and the prices are fabulous. It also has the pharmacy/health & beauty section. The only problem I've had is that sometimes there aren't enough check-out lanes open (although this past weekend there was one cashier with no one in her line). I'm glad to have this store as an option.