Monday, August 18, 2014

New survival 'prepper' store open in South End

A new store targeting people interested in doomsday prepping and survival is open on South Boulevard, called, aptly enough, Carolina Preppers and Survivors.

The store bills itself as "Charlotte's premier outdoor, prepping and survival supply store."

"We have and can order Authentic Military Clothing, Gear, Ammo, Food and anything you need for the Great Outdoors, Prepping, Survival and Hobbyists or Enthusiasts," the website reads. The store carries everything from MREs and survival food to sleeping bags, Kevlar helmets, rifle magazines and tents.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what exactly is "prepping?" Basically, it's preparing for the eventuality that society will stop functioning in some kind of catastrophic collapse by stockpiling food, ammo and other survival supplies.

Prepping culture has grown more prominent in recent years, highlighted by the National Geographic show "Doomsday Preppers." That program debuted in 2012 and showcases families who are preparing to survive the end of civilization, be it through war, disease, solar flares or economic collapse (In the interest of full disclosure, after watching a little too much Doomsday Preppers one day, I went out and bought about two week's worth of canned food. It all ended up at the food bank.).

I couldn't reach the store Friday by phone. Listed hours online are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Bill said...

A fool and his money are soon parted.

A. Cook said...

Pepping means Preparedness, or to be ready. It is something everyone use to do when we canned and smoked food, and kept a stocked pantry of root cellar. When something happened, people had food on hand, and did not have to wait on the government trucks to bring food and water. Its not just about doomsday, that's media, and Hollywood hype. It has more to do with just being prepared for anything that could happen.

For example, what if we are hit by another Hugo. Many people in the Charlotte area went without power for 2 weeks - a month.Pepping would mean having a month of food on hand, (not MRE's), enough can goods, and rice/pasta, and a few cases of water int he event of an emergency.

So if you dismiss this type of store, in the event of a disaster, do you have a plans for egress and shelter in place, with a list of responsibilities base on location, (who will pick up the kids, where will the family meet in the event, what if part of the family is to shelter in place, and the other cannot go home. Even if you cannot do everything on the list, at least meet a couple of times a year to review the plan. Example, Summer, teens home alone, and a the area is hit by a Tornado, (What is the plan for shelter in place?) (Fire/Storm/evacuation).

It is easy to dismiss doomsday preppers as a joke,but if you take a moment to prepare, you and your family will not be without a plan of action in the event of an emergency.

Unknown said...

Carolina Preppers and Survivors, is Street Buying. This means any Military or Ex Military who may have equipment or Gear that you no longer need, want or no romm to store it, we will buy it from you at prices higher than those others who street buy.
Stop in Ralph is here Monday - Fridays,, 980--237-6432

Unknown said...

"'s preparing for the eventuality that society will stop functioning..."

See: Ferguson, Missouri only on a larger scale such as New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Matt M said...

I remember when these were called ARMY/NAVY stores.

Unknown said...

A. Cook... canning and stocking food in a pantry wasn't "prepping," it was called living life normally. People stocked what was available at the time, to have when it wasn't available (i.e., out of season).
And as far as I can tell, preppers don't "take a moment to prepare." They spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and create elaborate, detailed plans for circumstances that are likely never to occur in their lifetimes. They may be hit by lightning before they need to implement their plans.

NCdirtdigger said...

J hesson, i am surprised you could drag yourself away from your tv long enough to comment

Unknown said...

Sorry to disappoint, dirtdigger, but I don't spend my days watching TV. Nice guess, though.

ENIGMA6 said...

Given there is only a 3-5 supply in the food chain at grocery stores, I would have thought you would would have treated the subject less cavalierly. Charlotte is no more immune to natural or man made disaster than New Orleans was, and probably has as many who are not prepared to evacuate or shelter in place.

Adele said...

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