Friday, August 22, 2014

Total Nutrition Superstores open off Park Road

There's a new supplement store open in the Park Towne Village shopping center on East Woodlawn Road: Total Nutrition.

Franchisee John Vasquez said he opened the 1,000-square-foot store about three weeks ago. It's the first Charlotte location for Total Nutrition. A former operator of several GNC locations and Nutrishop in Ballantyne, Vasquez said he's been in the supplement business for more than two decades.

"I started in high school, part-time," working at a GNC store, Vasquez said.

Total Nutrition is affiliated with Danbury Pharma, a supplement manufacturing company. Vasquez said the company manufactures private label supplements that Total Nutrition sells. The company has about 100 locations nationwide.

Vasquez said that while people might have stereotypes of body-builders loading up on muscle-enhancing supplements, he prefers to focus on "minivan moms" looking to improve their lifestyles and fitness.

Vasquez said the store offers education, help with meal planning and other services in addition to selling supplements.
"It basically boils down to customization," he said. "We take that time with them.

Vasquez said he hopes to open more Total Nutrition stores in Charlotte, but plans to focus on growing the first one for a while.

"The first year, I call it the incubation process," he said. "Most customers want to see the owner-operator in the store."


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