Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pep Boys rolls out new look in Charlotte

Wi-Fi, charging stations, a new layout, upgraded interiors and a more friendly demeanor: That's what Pep Boys says it's bringing to Charlotte stores as the company seeks a makeover.

The company is debuting the new look in Charlotte and Matthews with grand opening events and
sales Friday through Sunday. Ad Age wrote recently that Pep Boys is trying to deal "with a fundamental shift in auto care from a do-it-yourself model to a do-it-for-me model" and boost profitability.

Here's what Pep Boys has to say about the redesign: "The new automotive service and retail experience for customers begins with a welcoming handshake from store associates followed by active listening regarding the customer’s reasons for his or her visit to Pep Boys.

The interior of the new Pep Boys look in Rock Hill

“We are committed to providing our customers with solutions and options that are clear and easy to understand,” stated Mike Odell, Pep Boys President and CEO. “Not only does this new approach allow us to better serve our customers, it also helps to reshape how people think and feel about auto repair.” 

Pep Boys’ redesigned store exterior offers a more modern appearance with stone masonry and hardwood accents adorning the building and its signage. The interior features similar elements, including an engaging color-scheme and sleek d├ęcor, in welcoming customers like never before.

The new interior layout provides an easy-to-navigate open floor plan which showcases the retail and service components that are a hallmark of Pep Boys. Customers can now comfortably move about the store taking in everything there is to offer from motor oil to mobile accessories. Also of note is an enhanced lounge area for customers waiting for vehicle repairs and service, which features aesthetics and amenities on par with many high-end dealerships, including charging stations and free high-speed Wi-Fi access."

Pep Boys locations at 5020 South Boulevard, 9415 E. Independence Boulevard, 4837 N. Tryon Street, 8620 Arbor Creek Drive have the new look.