Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Niche Market location in South End for rent

Niche Market, an apparel retailer in South End, is for rent, according to a sign in the windows.

The store couldn't be reached by phone, and the owners didn't respond to an email sent to the store's email address, so it's not clear if the store is moving or shutting down. But the red and white for rent signs in the window and in front of the store have been up for some time now.

The store, at the fork of Camden Road and South Tryon Street, was founded in 2005, according to its website. Niche carries clothes and shoes for men and women, focusing on casual and streetwear brands.

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Anonymous said...

I would miss that place if they shut down for good. There are not enough independent stores in town as it is. Also hope a local merchant will replace them and it's not another hair salon! There are enough around there.

A local business that compliments CM and Phat Burrito would be ideal: coffee house, or vintage clothing store.

Although a chain, having American Apparel and Niche formed a nice little shopping node. Now there will be a big gap again.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, its a store that makes SouthEnd a more unique and distinct Charlotte neighborhood. It was great when NoDa's Fat City Lofts created the graffiti wall. A first for a Charlotte neighborhood. Now, I see street level graffiti walls all along Camden now.

Anonymous said...

its hard to rent a store if they don't answer the phone. Call the number on the For Rent sign.

Anonymous said...

Why is this corner, one of the most popular and independent retail-friendly in the city (as little as that says) dying all of a sudden? Modern lighting, Canine Cafe, American Apparel, Spenzac, all left recently. Did they jack up rents too high in anticipation of new residents in the area?

If not for Phat Burrito and Common Market being so popular (and not likely to change) I think this would have been a death sentence for the area.

Ely Portillo said...

I tried the number on the For Rent sign too, but no luck so far.

Anonymous said...

Spenzac is still there...they just moved behind in a less visible location. The Boulevard is a welcome new tenant in SouthEnd, where Spenzac used to be. Unfortunately, the Canine Cafe/Modern Lighting Location is being converted to office space for a construction contractor, so say goodbye to that prime retail space. I'd rather it remain empty than be converted to offices, in hopes of something that will eventually occupy it that could encourage street-level activity.

Anonymous said...

Get your sneaks at Black Sheep, Niche sold out a while back, that's why they're dead!