Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harris Teeter renovations, rebuilds proceeding

Harris Teeter is getting ready to start rebuilding two prominent stores, its Central Avenue and Providence/Queens Road locations, and expects both to open in 2013.

At the Providence/Queens Road store, spokeswoman Danna Jones said Harris Teeter expects to begin construction in mid-summer, with a tentative opening date set for early spring 2013. At Central Ave., she said construction will begin in the early spring, with a tentative opening late spring next year.

You can read more about the Central Ave. store here, and the Providence/Queens Road store here. Both stores will be new, and designed to look different and fit in with the neighborhood.

The chain is also in the midst of renovations on the East Boulevard store, on the corner of Kenilworth Avenue. There, Harris Teeter is building an addition to the existing store, construction that's been underway for a while. Jones didn't give a completion date for the store.

And my colleague Mike Gordon tells me that the Harris Teeter in Fort Mill is adding a Starbucks kiosk and pizza bar.

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see where Plaza-Midwood residents go grocery shopping while the HT is being rebuilt. The new Wal-Mart must be thrilled at the timing.

OK, now cue the wealth-envious, racist, and class warfare commenters we see regularly in grocery store blog posts...

Anonymous said...

I do wish that HT would renovate their location on Park Rd (near the Selwyn intersection). That one is kind of dated.

Do you know how specifically the new stores will change to 'fit in with the neighborhood'--is that an outside asthetic thing only?

David said...

Are you disappointed yet?

Anonymous said...

as a plaza midwood resident, I shop at >>>> trader joes!<<<< and thats by choice, I am willing to pedal extra 2 miles to go there as I get better customer services at TJ than at HT. HT is overrated and gasp! expensive, so thanks but no thanks this new building has no effect on me :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd starve before I'd shop at Wal-Mart. There's the Trader Joe's at Metropolitan on Charlottetown nad since the East Blvd. Teeter is not closing during that renovation, it is a relatively close option also, especially since I work uptown. Either is convenient on my way home.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Trader Joe's. I'd rather die than to put up with that God awful parking deck. To the person J above: No one is bloody wealth envious, we are just not so conceited that we have to be pampered at a grocery store, for God's sake. Cheap prices help those of us who are working to make ends meet. Most of the 'wealthy' you refer to are great racists when they open their mouths most of the time. Guess all of this defines you. We will be at Wal Mart to enjoy the prices and could care less about about a Ballentyne-type Harris Teeter.

To the writer: Hope you feel better now since you have 'control' over the comments.