Monday, February 6, 2012

Cigar bar open near uptown

Charlotte Cigar Club, a free-standing bar, club and cigar shop, is open at Morehead and South Tryon streets near uptown.

The business opened a few weeks ago. In addition to a public smoking area and a private smoking lounge, the Charlotte Cigar Club offers wine and craft beer. The club offers drink and cigar pairings, such as a Montecristo White and Samuel Smith pure lager last Wednesday for $10.

You can follow Larry Good, the "Czar of Cigar," for updates on the club and planned events on Twitter here.

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WashuOtaku said...

I take it serves no food at the establishment, making it exempt from the state ban on smoking?

Unknown said...

Do they have parking at that location?

Anonymous said...

if theres a man who knows and loves cigars more than larry i havent met him. good luck in the new spot!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if they will be able to beat out Cutters Cigar Bar in Uptown; but good for them.