Friday, December 16, 2011

Trampoline recreational facility opens in Pineville

Sky High Sports, featuring thousands of square feet of trampolines, is opening Friday, Dec. 16, in Pineville.

The facility is at 601 N. Polk Street, near I-485 and Pineville-Matthews Road. Sky High Sports features trampolines that aren't quite like you'd find in your backyard.

As the website puts it: "Unlike home trampolines, with our specially designed, spring loaded frame, landing here has more give. All frames and springs are covered by 2 inch thick safety pads. With 360 degrees of trampoline walls and court supervisors, there's no falling off this trampoline."

Sky High Sports caters to parties, events, and extreme dodgeball players. The Pineville facility is the newest of about a dozen Sky High franchises.

The company says it hired nearly 50 people to staff the 40,000-square-foot facility.


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