Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Dollar promotes store redesigns, new merchandise

Matthews-based Family Dollar held an event with bloggers and journalists in Charlotte on Tuesday to tout its redesigned stores and new goods, as the chain continues expanding rapidly.

Family Dollar, which opened its 7,000th store this year, is in a highly competitive retail category that puts it head to head with other dollar stores such as Dollar General, mega-chains such as Wal-Mart and convenience stores like Rite-Aid.

Tuesday's event was at the new Family Dollar store at 4301 East W.T. Harris Boulevard. Store officials said they're trying to emphasize the range of products carried in the store. They're hoping consumers will start thinking about Family Dollar for more than dollar store staples.

"People think it's a dollar store, it's a great place to buy detergent," said VP of merchandising Donna Barker, . She pointed to a selection of home goods, such as a $12 framed and matted painting, a $20 clock and $2 picture frames. alongiside kitchen accessories such as $10 coffee makers and toaster ovens.

The chain is much more focused on getting on trend than when she joined, Barker said, and offering customers the latest styles, not just the best prices.

Family Dollar is in the midst of a chain-wide overhaul of its existing stores in addition to opening new ones. The renovated stores have a different layout, with brighter overhead lights. Family Dollar has also expanded its food selection in all stores, another component the retailer touted Tuesday.

Although Family Dollar's core customer is still a person making $40,000 or less and looking to make ends meet, company officials said they're still seeing more customers from other income segments seeking good deals.

The company reports its first quarter earnings in January, and executives will have to show Wall Street they can continue the growth spurt that the little retailer from Matthews has been on.


Anonymous said...

Their prices can no longer even come close to competing with Walmarts. I wish they would just go back to their previous business model to keep prices low. I dont care about fancy stores. Many of their products, although appear to be cheaper, come in smaller sizes so you actually end up spending more. Not worth it to me anymore. I just go to walmart.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Family Dollar. They have some of the brightest staff I have ever met. Their expanding product line is amazing, and their clothing and fashion is better than anything you will find at Neiman Marcus. It is a great place to shop and an even better place to meet women. It is almost like only models shop there. And you know the ladies are money conscious, so what an added bonus. My last few girl friends I have met at Family Dollar. Sometimes when I am single I just go in to FD to look for a girl. Not bad huh - go in for some toilet paper and leave with a new love. If you are not a FD customer, check it out you really should be!

Anonymous said...

i agree wit da preveus comment. i has been steppin' to family dollah fo years an dat place be awesome. i love they clothes dey are off tha hook. i gots me sevahal hunies numbas there an even hooked up wit' one uh 'dem in tha pet section. dat be a dope day! i love da fresh new stores, jus means even mo ladies shoppin' an' potenial dates. HELL YEAH. oh and plus dey gots Suave. git out there guys dis be a hidden gem in Chahlotte.

Anonymous said...

Dey be selling batteries for my xbox on the cheap hell ya. I be buying Skylanders for pennies Yo. So what they called Highlanders. My 4 year old can't read like his daddy be.

Anonymous said...

i like their vinegar and baking soda sales! Lots of volcanoes

Anonymous said...

I be always hesitant to buy my jimmies there. I think they may break. But then I think hey, more babies, more money from the gov. Dat be a dope day da first of da month.

Anonymous said...

Krakatoas for everyone!