Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interiors Marketplace closing after 19 years

The owners of Interiors Marketplace say the multi-merchant home furnishing store will close its doors for the last time on Friday, Jan. 6, as the Harris Teeter at Providence Road and Queens Road will soon demolish the building.

John Vieregg, co-owner of Interiors Marketplace, said he and his wife Kelley will now focus on their second store, Post & Gray. They had originally searched for a new site to relocate Interiors Marketplace.

"We really weren't able to find another location that was suitable," said Vieregg. "That doesn't mean Interiors Marketplace is going away." He said that eight merchants currently featured at Interiors Marketplace will move to Post & Gray, and that the newer store will offer many of the same goods.

The Viereggs opened Interiors Marketplace in Atherton Mills in 19 years ago. At first, they sold lots of antiques, and Vieregg said they were one of the first stores to help revitalize the South End. 

Three years ago, the Viereggs moved from their 16,000 square-foot space in Atherton Mills to their current 4,500 square-foot space at Providence and Queens. At the same time, they opened Post & Gray, which is about 7,000 square feet, as a secondary location for overflow inventory.

They also opened Post & Gray to shoppers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Vieregg said. Since then, they've started opening the store on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well, and starting in January, they're adding Sunday.

When Harris Teeter announced they would tear down Interior Marketplace's building to expand the Harris Teeter Express in Myers Park, Interiors Marketplace temporarily extended its lease and prepared to move.

But Vieregg said they couldn't find the right place. The closest they came, he said, was the Mecklenburg Furniture building on Providence Road, but the 40,000 square-foot space was too big.

"It's hard to move from the corner of Queens and Providence," he said, but Vieregg said the Post & Gray location has benefited from the burgeoning population of young professionals around South End. The store will offer a wider range of goods, Vieregg said, as well as more private label products such as candles and upholstery manufactured exclusively for Post & Gray.

There will be a sale at Interiors Marketplace, and all merchandise that's not being moved to Post & Gray will be discounted, Vieregg said.


Jim said...

Actually, the Harris Teeter is not going to demolish the building.

Anonymous said...

Sad for the business owner I guess. Otherwise the Myers Park house wives can get their and interior decorators to drive to the Black Lion in the 'burbs if they want this kind of selection. Not really newsworthy or journalism, but celebrates community and small business I guess.

Anonymous said...

Black Lion now has a store in Dilworth so those housewives don't have to drive all the way to Pineville.

Anonymous said...

Black Lion has chintzy crap.

Anonymous said...

Well, the coolest stuff in town is at Slate Interiors in Plaza Midwood. Same concept as Interiors Marketplace and Black Lion but with great prices. It's a mix of new, vintage, mid-century, and one-of-a-kind items.

Cedar Posts said...


Could you clean this up?

I've read it twice and I have not idea what Harris Teeter at Queens and Providence has to do with a store on South Blvd.

I'll read it again but you're killing me.

Anonymous said...

If people want to go somewhere close by to Myers Park and SouthEnd they should check out Alexander Scott. It is in the old McColl Center for Fine Art on East Boulevard and has the best home interiors selection in Charlotte.

Cedar Posts said...

Oh I get it, Interiors Market Place has only been at the old Myers Park Hardware location 3 years. I didn't know they closed the Atherton Mills location at that time.

The Atherton Million threw me off, but now I can connect the dots.

I think saying they are closing after 19 years is pretty bogus. I know it makes for the nice story, but not really the facts.

How about they closed the big location as the real estate market imploded, tried to hang on with a smaller store and it didn't work out?

Sounds like Harris Teeter offered to buy the building, so they had an out and took it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody get the facts streight. Interiors Market Place never owned the old Myers Park Hardware site, nor will Harris Teeter. The old Myers Park Hardware is coming down soon, the intersection reworked. The land where MP hardware and shopping center has been owned by Huntington family forever.
Just the facts mam,just the facts

Ely Portillo said...

Anonymous 4:14 has the facts straight - Harris Teeter didn't buy the building, and Interiors Marketplace didn't take a buyout offer from them. Cedar Posts, please feel free to read the articles linked in the text of this story (the blue highlighted words) if you'd like a bit more of the back story on Harris Teeter's expansion and Interiors Marketplace's original plans to extend its lease.

Ely Portillo said...

Also, if anyone wants take a look at the latest site plans for the Queens/Providence Harris Teeter store, here's a link: http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2011_Petitions/Pages/2011-029.aspx

Anonymous said...

2:07 PM Nailed it saying Slate Interiors is the best. They are hands down the best in the City by a long shot! You can drop your other half next door at Midwood Smokehouse and take your time.

Cedar Posts said...

Good info Ely

You can put html in your comments so your 5:22 would post like this:

Also, if anyone wants take a look at the latest site plans for the Queens/Providence Harris Teeter store, the link is here.

Ely Portillo said...

Thanks, Cedar. I got a bit lazy with the HTML today because I'm technically off from work. Have a good rest of 2011.

Anonymous said...

Slate interiors is too expensive. Check out 1510 Antiques at 1510 Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood. The place is packed with items at great prices.

Anonymous said...

The best kept secret in Charlotte when it comes to these type of stores is 1510 Antiques in Plaza-Midwood, I have found some of my best treasures there for better quality and a much less price than most of the other places I have been, and I have hit them all.