Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quiznos closed in Latta Arcade

Quiznos has closed in the Latta Arcade uptown, as the chain continues to struggle and reportedly prepares to file for bankruptcy.

Although there were still signs advertising fresh-sliced meats and toasted subs in the windows on Tuesday, the Quiznos location between Tryon and Church streets was dark and locked. All of the serving line equipment appears to have been removed.

A shop owner in the arcade told me the location has been closed for several weeks, but I didn't notice that when I went to Flavors of India for lunch last week (perhaps my powers of observation were weakened by a craving for samosas).

Quiznos is reportedly down to about 1,200 franchises nationwide, from a peak of about 5,000. The Wall Street Journal said last week that Quiznos is exploring a plan to file for bankruptcy protection.

The company first got its start with its toasted subs and its oddball commercials featuring rat-like creatures with distorted mouths, crazy eyes and bowler/pirate hatesinging the praises of Quiznos. If you want to be terrified, watch the video below of one of their TV spots: