Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hartigan's Pub is closing uptown

It's only been a few days since St. Patrick's Day, but Hartigan's Pub, an uptown spot on Cedar Street, plans to close Sunday.

The business, which has been around since 1996, posted a message about its plans on its Facebook page Wednesday:

The reality is that the building is getting older; and after 3 different landlords in 6 years, we are unable to sustain the financial and physical burdens of a more than 100 year old building. The plumbing, the heating and air conditioning, the electrical - it's all seen better days (and boy were those some great days It's time to close up shop and let the bar and the memories live on in our hearts.

We want to personally thank every single person that has supported and patronized Hartigan's over the past 6 years that we have owned it, as well as the many years before...We hope everyone will take the time to visit the pub this week for one last beer, one last dance, one last song, and most of all - one last goodbye.

Hartigan's has seen ups and downs. The pub hosted Maryland's delegation during the Democratic National Convention in 2012, and was the set for some of the filming for "Homeland." Hartigan's was also the scene of a fatal 2011 stabbing in which a woman was killed with a beer bottle.

Here's a story from Q Notes about the bar. A paragraph about Hartigan's history: "Originally opened in 1996, Hartigan’s was part dance club, part sports bar, part Irish pub and part restaurant. It attracted a diverse and unique clientele, with a mix of LGBT and straight ally patrons for lunches and dinners and women party-goers on the weekends. It often hosted special events for non-profit groups, including the annual Queen City Stomp over the past couple years."