Thursday, March 6, 2014

Food Lion adopts sustainable seafood

Salisbury-based Food Lion announced Wednesday that its seafood is now obtained from sustainable sources, which the company said will help the environment.

The new arrangement covers about 1,000 items of fresh, canned, frozen or packaged seafood.

"At Food Lion, we believe that we have a responsibility to protect seafood species for generations to come,” said Karen Fernald, Food Lion's senior vice president of merchandising, in a statement. “Through our policy, customers can trust that the seafood products they buy in our stores today are responsibly harvested."

Here's what the program entails, according to Food Lion:

    • Food Lion’s suppliers will provide full traceability back to the source fishery or seafood farm for seafood products sold.
    • Wild-caught seafood will come from source fisheries that are governed by credible, enforceable and science-based management plans that respect the amount of harvest to ensure seafood populations will continue to be healthy in the future.
    • Farm-raised seafood is certified and reviewed to ensure that production does not harm communities, workers, the environment or human health.
    • The Gulf of Maine Research Institute will confirm fisheries that supply our seafood are responsibly managed.
    • Monitoring and compliance measures are in place to ensure harvest levels are maintained within appropriate limits.
Food Lion is a subsidiary of Belgian grocery conglomerate Delhaize.


Andy said...

Now if they can just find some produce to sell that will be "sustainable" more than a day after you buy it they'll be in good shape.

Unknown said...

agreed! their produce is LACKING.

Anonymous said...

I only shop at FOOD LION when they have something I need is on sale. I do NOT buy their produce (it only lasts a day or two and then one has to throw it away; I honestly believe FOOD LION buys "seconds" when it comes to their produce). The social skills of many of her employees are not up to standard especially at the Mt. Holly Huntersville store--the manage is a "snake in the grass," therefore, I avoid that store altogether.

Unknown said...

Best Seafood at Food Lion. Like it a lot.