Monday, January 26, 2015

McDonald's is making moves on South Boulevard

It's going to be a little easier making a pit stop for a Big Mac if you're driving down South Boulevard. 

To improve accessibility, the popular fast food restaurant on Arrowood Drive and South Boulevard is moving into a new building across the street and on the other side of the light rail. 

Morgan Property Group said last week that it purchased the plot of land on the northeast corner of South Boulevard and Starbrook Drive, where it'll build a 4,446 square-foot new building with dual drive-thru lanes.

Through its affiliate Four Names Reality, MPG bought 1.2 acres at the new location mid-January for $1.5 million from Shastri and Associates. According to a statement from MPG, McDonald's has executed a long-term lease with Four Names Realty.

''It is exciting to see McDonald's moving to a new location that will not only better serve its customers traveling along South Boulevard, but also increase their visibility,'' said Jeff Surrency, MPG's executive vice president of development. 

The group did not provide specifics about a schedule for construction. 


Unknown said...

The existing McDonalds on the Arrowood side is awful. The staff there is terrible. It will nice to see a new building, but if the managers and staff don't improve, it's still going to be on of the worst places to eat.

The Westate said...

I agree with Richard.

Also is there any news on the old Wal-Mart behind there that's been closed now for several years and looks terrible?

Hank Gee said...

Yes the McDonalds there is terrible. Even if the staff WAS good, the food is the worst.
Why can't they open a Chipotle or something. McDonalds- figures. Gross.

TodiModil said...

At least the nasty "On the Go" station is gone!