Friday, January 30, 2015

Hillbilly Produce to relocate iconic shop

Hillbilly Produce Market is soon closing the doors of its iconic Independence Boulevard store.

The year-round farmer’s market -- known for selling a variety of items including locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats and landscaping materials -- opened in Charlotte in 1984.

Hillbilly Produce Market in 2008

The market’s owner, Marshall Surface, sold the property at 7024 Independence Boulevard to Charlotte-based Hendrick Automotive Group, which owns the property around the store, public records show.

A Hendrick spokesman said the company doesn't have any plans announced for the space yet but bought it for the flexibility to build eventually.

Dylan Thompson, the market’s manager, said the 31-year old market will close within “a week or two” after it has cleared out its remaining inventory.

“Obviously people are not happy with it,” Thompson said. “A lot of people seem to want to know (where the new store location will be) but we don’t have answers for them yet.”

Hillbilly Produce Market will reopen in a new location once the right one is found, Thompson said. Right now the market's management is looking at a few locations "pretty much everywhere, from Eastland Mall to a little bit east of Sardis Road North."

The market's owner could not be reached for comment.


jeff a. taylor said...

Take a bow Charlotte city council and city staff, heck take the rest of the day off. You have successfully killed off another long-running East Charlotte retailer and moved Independence one step closer to the commerce-free interstate you've always wanted since 277 went up. Great work!

PS -- Matthews still doesn't have a clue!

James Edgar said...

I just moved away from being around the corner from Hillbilly. The one thing I hated was the fact that trying to pass by when they were open was a complete crapshoot. If they were open at regular hours, my wife & I never could figure out what they were.

Kevin Wilkie said...

This is so disappointing. I move closeby a year ago, and I enjoyed going to Hillbilly for grilling supplies and produce in the spring and summer. But hey we could use another damn car dealership on Independence! -said noone ever. Epic Fail Charlotte

Sherry McKinney said...

I keep waiting to see where they will relocate, but alas ... nothing. I will miss seeing the pumpkins and hay bales ... I will especially miss the Christmas trees -- I've been buying them at Hillbilly for 28 years. Come on! Please reopen!!! I miss you!