Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FABO moving to Quail Corners

The renovated Quail Corners Shopping Center has a new tenant opening this summer: FABO plans to close its Selwyn Avenue location and reopen at its new location this summer.

FABO's last day at its current location is Sunday, May 5th. Plans call for the new store at Sharon Road West and Park Road to open in June, though an exact date hasn't yet been set.

FABO (Fabulous Art Buying Opportunity) has coffee, pastries, beer, wine, and of course, art. The store opened in 2010. Here's the store's description: "FABO features locally roasted coffee, pastries and goodies all made locally, over 55 artists work from Pottery to Jewelry to Painting and much more! We also have an excellent selection of beer and wine."

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to trying them out. Also, looking forward to when Ilios Noche opens here.

MP ASU 2003 said...

I love FABO! Its where I get all my interior decorating ideas! Plus I love Cam!

ASU 2003

Unknown said...

FABO is definitely the place to be at if you wish to get some inspirations for your upcoming design project. We used to own a plain looking storage cabinet for shoes and clothings that we decided to refurbish. When we reached FABO, we immediately got the exact idea that we need to make the plain jane cabinet into an extravagant work of art. It is a great hangout place with a touch of fancy.

Unknown said...

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