Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New shoe store, men's underwear store, coming to South End

Looking for a new place for your men's underwear, swimsuits, and gym clothes? Check out Brief, opening this summer in South End. And in the same building, opening later this summer, Shu is planning to open with women's shoes, handbags and accessories for sale.

The stores are at South Tryon Street and Summit Avenue. An exact opening date hasn't been announced yet, but owner Dan Mauney is trying to get Brief up and running by July and Shu by August.

Brief has a Facebook page with some more pictures and options to follow it for news about the store (There are many pictures of men in their underwear, as you might expect, so open with caution depending on your workplace etiquette).

Here's a description of Brief from the email I got this weekend about the store:
"Redefining how men wear underwear, BRIEF opens in South End this Summer offering one of the strongest collections of men's underwear, swimwear and loungewear. No longer the accessory, BRIEF will offer the latest and best designers in the three categories."

Mauney said the stores have been in the works for about two years, and he's been eyeing the South End space for six months. He plans to turn the 8,200-square-foot former office furniture showroom  into the two stores and an event space: 4,000 square feet for Shu, 1,000 square feet for Brief, and about 3,000 square feet for events such as trunk shows.

"I'm working around the clock to get things ready," said Mauney. The stores will each have their own entrances and staff, but will share a hallway and bathroom facilities.

Although Shu will start with only women's shoes, Mauney said he hopes to expand the selection to include men's shoes by spring of 2014.

Mauney said he's excited to be opening his stores in South End, and hopes the neighborhood's vitality will be a boost to his business.

"Every time I looked at another space, it sold me more on the South End location," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Designer underwear? really? Some of us would rather put our money into more useful things.

Anonymous said...

well when you can actually get to the point where more than just you notice your designer underwear (and i'm not talking about hanging your pants to below your butt), then you will wish you would have

Anonymous said...

the fact that this store is opening are early indications that the south end bubble is about to pop...no way that is sustainable...terrible

charlottean said...

spoken like people who don't have any idea what designer underwear even means or what a "bubble" is.

southend is a neighborhood, not a new niche industry.

and designer underwear? victoria secrets does ok. calvin klein made a killing off of it. some people prefer a little more comfort than a loin cloth.

Anonymous said...

I would guess the location is to capitalize on traffic from the gay bar down the street.

But gay bars come and go around charlotte, so when the bar closes, this store probably will too.

MP ASU 2003 said...

OMG I hope i see Cam Newton there! Yummy!
I cant wait!!

ASU 2003

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! We are so excited about the new store coming to the neighborhood..."Brief" and of course "Shu"....classy people pay lots of money for shoes and underwear. Maybe some of you guys with the harsh comments should spend a little money and pamper yourself....it's obvious that you don't have a clue. On another note, the Mauney family is a very reputable family and YES they work for everything they have. They don't take handouts. I'm happy for Dan and I wish him the best. He is a very popular young man and with his reputation...I hate to break it to you critical people...but HE WILL Succeed. Sounds like we have some jealous people in the area.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry you won't see Cam Newton there. You won't see anybody there because its a terrible concept. Good luck with that.

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