Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cast Iron Waffles opening Piedmont Row location

Cast Iron Waffles is opening a second Charlotte location, this one at the Piedmont Row center in SouthPark.

The restaurant currently has a Ballantyne location, off Ardrey Kell Road. The new location doesn't have a date set yet, but the restaurant is hoping for sometime in early June.

You can follow the new Cast Iron Waffles location on Facebook here for the latest news about opening dates and more, or on Twitter.

Cast Iron Waffles serves gourmet Liege waffles and fair-trade coffee and espresso. Check out this description of their waffles:

"The Liege Waffle dough recipe originated in the 18th Century by the cook of the Prince of Liege, seeking to win favor. The result was a delicious treat that has been enjoyed on the streets of Belgium and all over Europe for centuries.

Imported Belgian Pearl Sugar is infused into the buttery sweet, twice raised Brioche style dough and smashed into a 100 LB, cast iron waffle press to create a caramelized sugar outer shell and a soft inside that will elevate your love of waffles to new heights."

(Thanks to an alert reader for sending me this tip).

Planned Cast Iron Waffles location

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Current Cast Iron Waffles location

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