Monday, April 1, 2013

Harris Teeter regains top spot in Charlotte grocery market

New data from retail sale-tracking firm Chain Store Guide show Matthews-based Harris Teeter back on top as the region's leading grocer, trading spots with Walmart.

Much of the increase from 2011 appears to be due to a store-swap with Lowes Foods last year, in which Harris Teeter picked up 10 Lowes grocery stores in and around Charlotte. Harris Teeter gave Lowes some stores in outlying areas as well (along with $26.5 million). The move netted Harris Teeter eight new stores in the Charlotte market, and pushed it back to the No. 1 position.

Harris Teeter, along with its two 201central stores, sold 23.7 percent of the region's groceries last year. Wal-Mart was No. 2, with 20.4 percent of sales, and Food Lion was No. 3, with 17.4 percent.

When combined with warehouse store Sam's Club, which it also owns and operates, Walmart is still the leading grocer, however. Together, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club sold 26 percent of groceries in the Charlotte region.

Here's how the new numbers break down for the top 10 grocers in the region, with 2012 market share in bold and 2011 in (parentheses):

1. Harris Teeter: 23.7 percent (21.1 percent)
2. Wal-Mart: 20.4 percent (21.5 percent)
3. Food Lion: 17.4 percent (17.7 percent)
4. Bi-Lo: 7.7 percent (7.7 percent)
5. Sam's Club: 5.6 percent (5.8 percent)
6. Costco: 4 percent (4.2 percent)
7. Aldi: 2.1 percent (2 percent)
8. Target: 1.9 percent (1.3 percent)
9. BJ's Wholesale Club: 1.7 percent (1.8 percent)
10. Trader Joe's: 1.6 percent (1.5 percent)


Anonymous said...

Not for long.......

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Harris Teeter - Keep Up the Good Work!

Meg said...

Doesn't seem like a very complete study if the results included Trader Joe's, but left off Whole Foods and Earthfare.

Ely Portillo said...

Hi Meg. Whole Foods and Earthfare were included in the study, but were not in the top 10. They had 0.7 and 0.6 percent of the market, respectively.