Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Walmart regains top grocery spot in Charlotte market

Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, is back in the No. 1 spot in the Charlotte region's grocery market, according to data released Tuesday.

Chain Store Guide, which tracks retail sales, reported that Walmart captured 22.4 percent of the Charlotte region's grocery sales, up from 20.4 percent last year. Harris Teeter's share fell from 23.7 to 20.4, and Food Lion's grew from 17.4 to 18.7.

Here's how they stack up. In the following chart, WM = Walmart, HT = Harris Teeter, FL = Food Lion, Sam = Sam's Club, Bi = BI-LO, Cos = Costco, TGT = Target, DG = Dollar General, FD = Family Dollar and TJ's = Trader Joe's.

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Here are some interesting takeaways from the data:

  •  Publix Super Markets, with only two stores near the state border in South Carolina and one store opened in Ballantyne in February, is already up to a 1.3 percent market share. How much more market share will they take when they are up to 15 stores, as they plane to be next year?
  • Given that Walmart also owns Sam's Club, if you combine their sales, you can see that the business from Bentonville owns a huge chunk of the market: 28.7 percent. That means they're about 40 percent bigger than the next-highest competitor, Harris Teeter (28.7 percent market share vs. 20.4 percent).
  • Family Dollar and Dollar General each account for a greater percentage of food sales in the Charlotte market than Trader Joe's - an interesting thought if you spend a lot of time in Trader Joe's, like this blog writer.
  • According to Chain Store Guide's data, Publix has about 29 percent higher sales-per-store in the Charlotte market compared to Harris Teeter. Kroger recently closed its deal to buy Harris Teeter, so we'll have to see if that changes.


Unknown said...

Would be very interesting to see market share MINUS government assistance sales (food stamps).

Does the walmart and the dollar store break out their grocery sales?

Also, Sam's club does heavy c-store resale, is that counted in their sales cause its hard to see Sam's Club having double the share than Costco.

Lastly, Credit Suisse analyst and industry veteran Michael Exstein has a piece of advice for Doug McMillon, the retail giant’s (walmart) newly-minted CEO: buy Family Dollar to expand its growing and better performing small-format business.

Shawn said...

Where does Lowes Foods fall in all of this? They still have a store in Harrisburg, and perhaps in a couple of other Charlotte 'burbs.

Unknown said...

Think publix is way inflated by grand opening week. Come back around August when its been 90 days the last grand opening and you will get a real market snapshot.

Unknown said...

Shawn...Lowe's was bought out by Harris Teeter it is under that umbrella.