Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Lion offers hungry families meals for apple purchases

Salisbury-based Food Lion has launched a promotion to give meals to hungry families when customers buy gala apples.

For each bag of specially-marked gala apples, Food Lion will donate five meals to food banks in the grocer's 10-state footprint. The 3-pound bags of apples are priced at $2.99, Food Lion said. The promotion runs through Oct. 7, and Food Lion said it will donate 1 million meals (That's 200,000 bags of apples, if you're keeping track).

Food Lion is a subsidiary of Belgian grocery conglomerate Delhaize. The company has 1,100 stores, primarily in the Southeast, and has been trying to bounce back among stiff competition from grocers such as Publix, Walmart and Harris Teeter.

Here's how Food Lion describes itself now: "By leveraging its longstanding heritage of low prices and convenient locations, Food Lion is working to own the easiest full shop grocery experience in the Southeast, anchored by a strong commitment to affordability, freshness and the community it serves."


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