Monday, September 1, 2014

Ballantyne Village opens new local marketplace

Ballantyne Village is opening a new market featuring local food and artisans. Called 3H Market, for homegrown, homemade and handmade, the market will be open twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday.

Here's what Ballantyne Village has to say about the new market: "3H Market is here every Tuesday and Saturday, and it features homemade, homegrown and handmade items from local vendors. You'll find everything from local produce to grass-fed beef to candles and chocolates. It's located between Burger 21 and Abraham Joseph Fine Jewelers. Visit with us often as the selection and variety will change each week."


Garth Vader said...

Someone should do the same at the Bull And Barrister location at 16 & Mount Holly-Huntersville.