Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Goodwill computer store coming to University area

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont is opening a new "technology store concept" in the University City area called The Grid, and the store is expected to sell new goods such as the Oculus Rift virtual gaming headset in addition to refurbished electronics.

The 6,000-square-foot store, on North Tryon Street, has a grand opening set for May 31. In connection with the new store, Goodwill will close its current Computer Works store on Freedom Drive as of May 28. All employees will transfer to the Grid, Goodwill said.

Here's how Goodwill describes the concept:

"Tech-hungry shoppers and curiosity-seekers will find The Grid to be an exciting addition to Charlotte’s electronics scene,” said Michael Elder, CEO of Goodwill. “Its diverse mix of new, donated and refurbished products is unique, and will make the overall Goodwill brand relevant to new segments of the consumer market while furthering our mission of helping people find family-sustaining employment.” 

In addition to the current product assortment of desktop and laptop computers, printers, flat screen televisions and gaming systems sold at Goodwill’s Computer Works location, The Grid will feature new additions to its product line-up, such Raspberry Pi, the Oculus Rift experience, audio components, portable chargers, phone and tablet accessories, retro games, gaming consoles and controllers."

The store will also feature "sleek design, user-friendly displays and a lounge area where video game enthusiasts can try out the newest games."


MW said...

This is great to hear. I loved the Goodwill Computer Store - excellent resource for old gaming stuff, more so than any other thrift store I've been to, and since Gaming stores no longer carry it either, it's that or eBay. It's also nice that if you buy a game that is broken (i.e. a rattling NES cartridge), they will refund/exchange it!

I was approached by someone in Freedom Drive's parking lot (while heading to Goodwill Computer Works) once that was begging for money, and when I told him I only carry credit cards, he said "I guess I'm gonna have to start carrying a knife to get some money".

Needless to say, as much of my life was spent on Freedom Drive, it's worthless now. It just needs to be bulldozed and made into a freeway. No point in having retail stores or restaurants drawing trash to the area.

Kent Tolliver said...

I started go here when it was inside goodwill store on Freedom Dr. I spent a lot of money here. It was the way poor people got computers then it changed for you. How stupid are you that can happen anywhere, new location included.

Anonymous said...

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Dolores Brown said...

Do they do repairs, or will they just be a company that sells computers? Because it would be really nice to have a computer repair place so close to where I am. It would save me a lot of time, which is worth a lot to me.

bryan flake said...

Wow that is fantastic to hear that they will sell re-furbished electronics at this Goodwill. I have been trying to build a media server computer in my home for some time now. The parts are just often times too expensive brand new. I am in the market for a few terabytes of RAM.


Anonymous said...

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