Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New gun, tactical gear store opens in Gastonia

Carolina Tactical Gear, a store selling firearms and other supplies and apparel, opened this weekend in Gastonia.

Co-owner Mark Mauney, a 30-year law enforcement veteran, said he and his partners decided to open the store because they didn't feel there were good options to buy tactical gear nearby.

"You had to go to Charlotte or Asheville," said Mauney. He said they spoke with their law enforcement friends about what brands of clothing and other gear they would like to see in a store, and researched retail practices.

"It's a different avenue to go towards," Mauney said of retail vs. law enforcement. Getting the required federal licenses to sell firearms was one of the most challenging parts of the operation, Mauney said, and took about two months.

The store is located on South New Hope Road, near Armstrong Park Drive. It's open Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Archiguy said...

Certainly, there's a need for another gun and "tactical gear" store. There can never be enough!

I hear the deer are starting to outfit themselves in body armor, equip themselves with night vision goggles, and arm themselves with semi-automatic weapons with large capacity clips.

Hunters just have to keep up or they'll be outgunned by these sneaky ruminants.

VIVA LA SECOND AMENDMENT! And if you're some wishy-washy weenie liberal, we'll just leave you to the tender mercies of these killer deer. Then you'll be sorry.

Tvan said...

Archiguy, your comments are quite boring. As the owner said, the people he is targeting had to go to either Charlotte or Asheville to purchase certain gear. And I'm guessing the internet is also an option. But why spend over the net when you can invest in a local shop?

With that said, the owner is a 30-year LEO veteran and he noted that he asked his fellow LEOs about what they wanted. Do you realize that the police, sheriff deputies, highway patrol and other LEO folks are NOT issued everything that they need to do their job? I'm sure there will be some Rambo wannabes that will make purchases. But from the sound of it, this guy's customer base will primarily be his fellow LEOs.

Havermeyer said...

We The People should be as well equipped as the local police force. I'll patronize his store.

Google Chekist or Cheka in videos and watch the youtube movie.

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