Monday, November 25, 2013

Men's extra-large clothing store opens in Pineville

A new store called Destination XL is open at the Centrum shopping center in Pineville, offering clothes for men with a 40-inch-or-greater waist.

Called "DXL" for short, the retailer has North Carolina stores in Raleigh and Winston-Salem. The company is in the process of closing its Casual Male XL stores and replacing them with the DXL stores. Here's their description:

"The DXL® store is a new one-stop shop catering to the fashion needs and lifestyles of bigger guys...The DXL store provides a unique shopping experience built just for men with conveniences such as a more spacious environment, including wider aisles and dressing rooms double the size of a standard department store; the store also offers outstanding service, from knowledgeable associates to in-store tailoring to ensure that everything fits perfectly."

The store also carries shoes in sizes 10-16, up to a 4E width.

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