Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's next for former Caribou's, Bruegger's spot on East Boulevard?

Bruegger's Bagels on East Boulevard has followed Caribou Coffee to the dusty graveyard of lower East Boulevard restaurants, which means the building is now open for a new tenant.

A reader recently emailed me to check what was going into the space. The buildings and land, with a tax value of almost $2 million, are owned by the limited liability corporation East Boulevard 1601.

That entity is managed by Lincoln Harris, the Charlotte mega-developer. I left a message for a Lincoln Harris representative, but didn't hear back on Monday. A listing to lease the space appears to have been taken down from Lincoln Harris' website.

Although Lincoln Harris has developed a host of successful Charlotte properties, the company faced some opposition in Dilworth last year. Lincoln Harris lost a high-profile zoning battle to put a Walgreens store and drive-thru at the corner of Kenilworth Avenue and Morehead Street.

So, has anyone out there heard what could go into the spot? And what would you want to see?

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Unknown said...

Put the Walgreen's here!! It would serve the community best, as restaurants don't stand a chance on the lower end of South.
Better yet, have CMC buy all the property on East so the CEO's offices can be moved to a nicer location for the kingdom of CMC.

John Clerk said...

I've been keeping my fingers crossed for a Peet's Coffee, but it looks like that's a no-go. They get my vote.

Steve said...

There is a local, neighborhood Drugstore right across the street. Walgreens needs to stay out of Dilworth.

Anonymous said...

"dusty graveyard of lower East Boulevard restaurants, which means the building is now open for a new tenant."

Umm, strongly disagree with your comment.

Bad Daddy's has done extremely well, Outback has been there for many years kicking. East Blvd. Grill moved a block way b/c their lease expired. Showmars always has a full parking lot of cars. Lebowski's is very popular and always crowded, 1511 Cantina doesn't seem to be doing bad. JJ Red Hots has seemed to have found a niche.

The only site in that area that has had problems is the former site of Sole/Italian Pie.

Charlanta said...

LH manages it for the entity that owns it, which is a subsidiary of CHS. CHS now owns most of the block south and including this location for 2 blocks.