Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jewelry boutique opening in Ritz-Carlton

Charlotte is about to get a touch of Beverly Hills, with a new jewelry boutique set to open in the Ritz-Carlton uptown later this month.

Celebrity jewelry designer Jason Arasheben is opening a "Jason of Beverly Hills" store in the hotel on July 27. This will be the third such dedicated store. Arasheben already has JBH locations in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

"With the success of our Las Vegas and Beverly Hills boutiques, we felt like a hotel-based shop in a city which inspires our brand was a natural fit," said Arasheben, in a statement. "The Ritz Carlton, Charlotte is stylish and timeless, while also being trendy and modern, like our customers."

The company said the Charlotte boutique, "will carry many conservative pieces for its Charlotte clientele as well as its over-the-top, signature diamond creations that have set Jason of Beverly Hills apart from his peers."

The July 27 opening will feature R&B singer Luke James (featured in the video embedded here), local radio station Channel 96.1 and amaretto-flavored Ciroc .

Arasheben is clearly catering to a high-end clientele. His original showroom has a $100,000 minimum purchase and is open by appointment only. His past customers include, "Princess Latifa Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey and the late Michael Jackson."

I tried to price a men's white tiger ring on the website, but was told that I had to put the item on a wish list and then"private account managers will contact you with more information regarding the pieces you’ve added." I guess they knew I was window-shopping.

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