Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aquavina closes on the Green

Aquavina, a standby lunch and dinner spot for the uptown crowd, has closed, according to a brief statement on the restaurant's website.

"AQUAVINA HAS CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. Thank you for your patronage throughout the years," the statement said.

The restaurant's phone number appeared to be disconnected Tuesday afternoon, and calls wouldn't go through. A sign on the restaurant's door said it was "Closed for a private event," and the door was locked, with an empty cardboard box sitting outside.

The restaurant was started in the early 2000s by local lawyer, landlord and restaurateur Stefan Latorre.  


ScottCLT said...

I was never really impressed with Aquavina. I'm surprised that they lasted this long.

Shamash said...

That symbol above the door is bad Feng Shui.

Unknown said...

Great location. Bad restaurant.

par said...

It was never anything to write about. Fair food, high price.

Tierny Dorsey said...

I loved their calamari. ..where can I find it??