Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Epicentre offering cab vouchers for those who drink

In an effort to help cut down on drunk driving, the uptown Epicentre complex is offering vouchers for cab rides to patrons who consume alcohol.

The $10 vouchers are being offered in conjunction with the Mecklenburg County ABC Board and is funded from the sales of distilled spirits in the county. The vouchers are available at the valet stand to adults over the age of 21, and can be used with City Cab, Crown Cab, or Yellow Cab.

So if you're drinking at Blackfinn, Whiskey River, Howl at the Moon, or any of the many Epicentre watering holes, please be responsible and take a cab (or a pedicab, or the light rail). With $10 off, the choice is even easier.

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Anonymous said...

So, you can only get them if you drink at one of the Epicenter establishments but comes from a fund of distilled spirit sales from all over the county? Sounds to me like ALL bars should get the vouchers.

Anonymous said...

$10 bucks will get you down the street and around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to use the Valet Service to be elligible for one of these vouchers?

Anonymous said...

Where do I leave my car so that it wont be towed when I come back the next morning?