Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Permits reveal some damage at SouthPark

SouthPark mall has been pretty tight-lipped about the aftermath of last month's partial roof collapse, but Mecklenburg County building permits offer a glimpse into the damage the mall sustained.

Around a dozen stores are still closed as the state's biggest mall conducts repairs stemming from the roof collapse and flooding, which sent several inches of water spilling down escalators and rushing through parts of the mall. SouthPark had to bring in structural engineers and shore up parts of the structure near Banana Republic and Gap, where the two partial collapses actually occurred.

One permit, issued July 25, is for an $800,000 contract for "reconstruction of collapsed roof." The project passed an inspection on Monday, after new concrete "double tees" were installed to repair the structure. "Roof/dry-in installation has begun and is also being verified by engineer," an inspector noted.

Another permit, for $15,000, is for repairs around the mall's escalators. "Scope of work includes removal and reinstall of drywall at escalators vertical walls and walls and ceilings and the lower level entry area," the permit says. A permit for an $80,000 project is for removing and reinstalling an air handling unit on the collapsed roof.

There are also permits for repair work to individual stores that point to some of the damage individual stores suffered. A permit for $172,000 worth of work on the Tinder Box Cigars store shows that a contractor will demolish and replace the ceiling, light fixtures, wiring, crown molding, the HVAC unit, and the entry door. A permit for $20,000 at Bebe shows that a contractor "will hang, tape and finish drywall at the 2' cut section removed around the perimeter of the space," as well as repainting and reinstalling mirrors and baseboard.

Photos from inside SouthPark mall during the flood


Anonymous said...

Amazing isnt it?

Only 6 days earlier a Panther QB with his mafia marketing agency made over 100k after the cuts were taken mainly off young kids charging them 125-175 a pop fur his autograph.
The Observer and city have hyped and pumped this scammer for 1.5 yrs. He has reeked havoc everywhere he has gone.

SouthPark will have to have a whole new roof. Fact. This could make the mall a total loss and declared inhabitable and be demolished. Wanta bet?
That entire roof is a GONER all because of a flood.
Mega floods? Who sends them and what destruction they cause ?

Insurance policies call a flood "an act of G-d"

Anonymous said...

So, if I'm to understand you correctly, this is God's retribution on Cam Newton? It's Newton's fault? I just want to be sure I understand.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to break out Ye Ole Wrecking Ball for SouthPark before they make it another Eastland.

Eastland should have been demolished yrs ago. They sold it for 2 million and bought it back for 13 million.

Hows that for how gumint does bidness?

And you wonder why there is 16 trillion debt in DC?


Anonymous said...

Poor Cam is now to blame for the fact that SP did not keep up maintenance. Poor squeaky clean Simon Properties.

Anonymous said...

Why hasnt it been condemned by saftey inspectors? Have proper engineers been consulted? Was someone paid off?
Couldnt this ancient roof collaspe if another large storm blew through? Simon and stores need to make money but ...

Something smells ... Wheres the newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Coming Soon to Southpark Mall:

Hurricane Season!

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with the mall since its' opening will recall that the collapses occurred in areas where previous tenants had skylights or large exhausts cut out in the roof. With cheap retrofits and Simon's slipshod remodeling it's no surprise what's happening. Just wait for all that paper mache to start falling off the exterior.

Anonymous said...

Is it really "the state's biggest mall"? It takes me longer to walk through Concord Mills than it does through Southpark mall. And most of their stores are all on one floor.

Anonymous said...

Simon Property Group, Inc. does not take care of their properties. Neglect and failure to perform regular maintenance is the cause of these building problems.

Ely Portillo said...

Hello Anon 12:53. SouthPark is actually significantly larger than Concord Mills (something like 1.6 million square feet vs. 1.3 million square feet, but don't quote me on it). Concord Mills, also owned by Simon Property Group, just feels bigger because everything is on one floor, in that giant oval.

Unknown said...

The durability of roofing is a matter of concern because the roof
is often the least accessible part of a building for purposes of
repair and renewal, while its damage or destruction can have
serious effects.

Anonymous said...

SouthPark Charlotte NC
opened Feb 1970 - Total retail floor area 1,621,000 sq feet
135 stores
owner: Simon Properties

Concord Mills Concord NC
opened Sept 1999 - Total retail floor area 1,334,000 sq feet
143 stores
Owner: Simon Properties

*Southpark added about 40% more retail space since it opened.
Rated most congested mall in USA.

*Mills the top tourist attraction in NC - Located major interstate just north of university area.

Anonymous said...

A lawsuit must take place now....the parking lots also have had several collapses recently, someone died when th whole deck above her fell in and lots of others have been injured. The building must be labeled "condemned".

Anonymous said...

You're on a roll anon. I like how you've stepped it up to say the parking deck collapsed on the decedent, as opposed to what really happened. It's definitely piqued my interest as to what real bone you have to pick with Simon Properties.

Camilla said...

I'm sad that the mall is now close. But I'm more happier because they will dig the problem of the mall and will be open after all the renovation for the safety of the tenants and customers.

christine said...

The flood is scary. Luckily their lights are still on or it would be too difficult to see where you are going.