Tuesday, August 21, 2012

US Foods headed to old Wal-Mart site?

An anonymous tipster told me US Foods is planning to open in the former Wal-Mart on Eastway Drive, and Mecklenburg building permits filed recently seem to support the idea.

US Foods didn't confirm or deny plans for the location. "Charlotte is a great market and we are keeping our options open for the future," said US Foods spokeswoman Christina Koliopoulos, in an email.

The company is a major distributor of national brand and private label items to institutions, including restaurants, hospitals, government offices, and educational institutions.

Building permits issued on Aug. 13 show a project called "US Foods" at 3304 Eastway Drive, the site of the former Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart at that location moved to a new, larger location on Independence Boulevard.

The permits show the project involves renovating 30,000 square feet of the store, at a cost of more than $2.3 million.

A business moving in to the former Wal-Mart space would be a relief for many east Charlotteans, who had worried about the possible effects of an empty big-box store on Eastway (especially one so close to Eastland Mall).

But it's unclear what would happen with US Foods' current Charlotte location if it were to open on Eastway. US Foods' current Charlotte location is at 7801 Statesville Road, and it appears from US Foods' website that the company generally only has one location in most cities.

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Anonymous said...

Odd place for a distribution warehouse.

Anonymous said...

They must be trying to compete with Restaurant Depot. Good move with all the small ethnic restaurants on the east side of town!

Anonymous said...

US Foods has a super size warehouse in Fort Mill that handles the larger corporate accounts, it was the former Biggers Bros warehouse that was converted when US Foods bought them out. the Statesville Ave warehouse was the PYA distribution center until they were bought out by US foods, and they handle a different aspect of the food distribution, I think they do schools and institutions. The Eastway Walmart is way too small to be a distribution center. I am wondering if they are going to offer a cash and carry business like Restaurant Depot? Right size and location, and Rest Depot has been successful.

Anonymous said...

I saw a US Foods truck getting onto Independence from Eastway drive today at lunch.

Anonymous said...

Since the old Wal*Mart is zoned B-1, it can't be a distribution warehouse (the two that US FOODS already has in town are both in I-1 zoning).

That makes it a retail store of some kind. The building is over 100,000 square feet. If they are only renovating 30,000 of that, what about the rest of it? Perhaps the owner is subdividing it, or perhaps US FOODS needs that much storage.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. A great business expanding and plenty of patrons to serve on Central Avenue. Awesome. Welcome to east Charlotte US Foods!

Anonymous said...

It's a new store by US Foods called Chef'store.

Unknown said...

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