Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Could local malls see DNC boost?

Malls in Tampa, site of the Republican National Convention, have apparently seen a boost in business following a storm that shut down the convention for a day, according to this story from the Tampa Bay Times.

It appears most of that boost is due to Tropical Storm Isaac, which canceled convention activities on Monday. That left thousands of delegates with plenty of time on their hands, and some with cash to spend headed to the malls.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

"We're expecting some extra traffic this week, but it's also hard to tell with the (RNC) meetings and other activities," said Kristy Genna, WestShore Plaza spokeswoman. "We have a lot of great hotels around the mall within walking distance so that helps."
Discounts for several stores and restaurants at the mall were made available to conventioneers with a special card created by the host committee, she added.

The newspaper also interviewed shoppers looking in Urban Outfitters, and people who packed a weekday matinee movie showing at a mall.

Charlotte's malls might not see a boost without a tropical storm raining out part of the convention. Delegates, media and others all have tight schedules, and protesters speaking out against excessive consumerism might not head for SouthPark mall. But the malls will be well outside the security zones, offering a retreat for Charlotteans and ready spending opportunities for any delegates who want a break from politics.

Concord Mills is currently running a display of gowns worn by former first ladies Martha Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Hillary Clinton. The gowns will be there through Thursday, August 30. "Plus, in the spirit of patriotism, select Concord Mills retailers will showcase their modern day interpretations of these famous ensembles," Concord Mills said in a press release. The display is tied to the American Presidential Experience exhibit, in Charlotte for the DNC.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure all those "christian" men in the teapublican't party who want to control women and their bodies, will be at all the strip clubs in Tampa getting on the job training and experience with women's body.