Monday, July 23, 2012

Craft beer store opening on Remount Road

A new craft beer store, Good Bottle Company, is opening soon on Remount Road, at the intersection with South Boulevard.

That's diagonally across the street from barbecue steadfast Mac's Speed Shop, and next door to Canine Cafe, in the same building. The store is planned to open in late summer, with bottles, cans, growlers and taps dedicated to craft beer.

Here's an article from Charlotte Beer with some more details, and an interview with Chris Hunt, of Asheville, one of the owners. The store will have about a dozen rotating taps, with two or three always given to beers from Charlotte breweries. Check out a short excerpt from the Q & A:

What will set Good Bottle Company apart in the Charlotte beer scene? 
“What we want to do is concentrate on celebrating craft beer. We want to connect the brewers to our customers. We want to be a place beer geeks can come together to talk beer. We want to be a place where people can meet after work, or during work, and have a beer together. We want to be a place where you can learn about beer and just how good it can be.”

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Anonymous said...

triple c brewing company opens back there next month.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see something else going into that strip. It is so cool looking.

It'll be interesting to see how else that area develops when the apartments nearby on Remount are finished.

Anonymous said...

Here are my three requests, if they're doing imports in addition to domestic crafts:

* Andechs, especially their Weissbier and Doppelbock

* Augustiner (the one in Salzburg, not the one in Munich)

* Hofbrauhaus, especially their Urbock/Maibock

Bruce said...

Will they be serving nice cold Bud Light?

Anonymous said...

Brawley beverage is all you need..

Anonymous said...

Great! They can turn and ram right through the Lynx rail crossing [down] gates with even more frequency than the many crashes at the Lynx - Remount crossing today!

Charlotte Beer said...

Thanks for sharing my post on Good Bottle Co., Ely!