Thursday, July 19, 2012

DSW shoe store headed to Morrocroft Village?

It seems a DSW is headed to Morrocroft Village shopping center at Sharon and Colony roads, according to job postings and building permits.

DSW didn't return a phone call seeking comment, but this building permit was issued in May. The permit lists the project at 3900 Colony Road as "DSW Shoes Morrowcroft Village," and lists contracts of more than $470,000 for work at the store.

The store was formerly a Borders bookstore. Borders closed the store in 2011, before declaring bankruptcy. Here's a leasing flyer from Bell Moore Group, advertising up to 27,418 square feet of space for rent in Morrocroft Village. You can see the former Borders highlighted in the flyer.

There are also job listings posted for the new store. This ad for sales associates was posted last Thursday, and lists the positions available at the new DSW in Morrocroft Village.

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(Thanks to an alert reader for noticing the building permit while out shopping and emailing me).


Anonymous said...

Yuck, what a trashy store!!! That shouldn't be allowed to go in South Park.

The next steps toward becoming Eastland, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

First DSW, next Walmart!

Hide your children!

Anonymous said...

WHAT???? How Disappointing!