Monday, May 7, 2012

New interior design store in South End

Interior Motives is open on South Blvd., the product of interior designer and founder Will Smith's "modern eclectic" aesthetic.

Smith opened the store on April 1, after months of preparation. "I went to every furniture store in Charlotte," said Smith, who was an interior designer for 12 years before opening the store. "I don't think I missed one, and if I did, I don't know about it."

He settled on South Boulevard, and set about finding pieces that captured his design aesthetic. "It's challenging to find those things you need when you really need a statement piece. I said what items do I tend to find that people really love?" Smith said.

"I call it modern eclectic. You could come to our place and find an antique piece, but it will have a modern edge," said Smith. He tends to favor pieces with natural elements, re-purposed pieces, and creations from local artisans. "It's tactile, it's things you want to touch, you want to feel, and sit on."

"Most of our stuff is made in the U.S. We do have some imports, and we also do custom stuff as well," said Smith, a Duplin County native who's been in Charlotte since moving here to attend UNC-Charlotte.

"I started dabbling in the interior design business after I did an internship and realized I didn't want to be an attorney," he said.
Now he sells wallpaper, lighting, accessories, home decor, furniture and rugs. He said he's trying to appeal to all segments of the market, with large, assertive pieces and smaller pieces of furniture that would fit in a small apartment.

"We try to have a balance of everything," he said, "from the custom client to the client that just moved into their first apartment and needs a table."

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JBmimi said...

Ely, Did I miss the address on South Blvd? Where is this new store? I'd like to check it out.

Ely Portillo said...

2425 South Boulevard. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Will was on that HGTV show Design Star too! Think he cam in third that season. The store is Great! I've known Will for a few years, and he has great taste and style. Anyone who wonders in will love what they see!

Anonymous said...

Click on the store's name at the start of the article - and it takes you to the website with the address.The website looks great - hope you have success!

Lisa Poole said...

I really prefer advertisements with proper settings and perfect information where to contact them. Nice start with your business and good luck.

Solid Oak Furniture said...

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light comparison guide said...

I love it. I would like to check more of their designs, because based on what you have mentioned in your article they really do have something special there. Thanks!

Eric Bosloor said...

Sounds like a really unique store. I would love to pay them a visit if I happen to drop by South Blvd. I love vintage collections but I am pretty sure something classic with a touch of modernism would be great as well. Many of my storage compartments at home like wardrobe, cabinet and such are all classic vintage so I would like to complement them with furniture sets that have a touch of new.